Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dorothy Cross 'Pool'

Poll na bPeist (Wormhole)

My visit to the Wormhole

I love Dorothy Cross' work. I think she is incredible. She is arguably the greatest artist working in Ireland today. Within art circles she is very well known & respected but I'm always surprised that her profile in Ireland isn't greater. Her work resonates so powerfully that I imagine she should have the media presence of a Tracey Emin or Damian Hirst, but I guess that wouldn't be to her taste.

I fell completely in love with her photo 'Wormhole', after coming across it on her gallery's website in summer 2009. It shows Cross swimming in a naturally formed, rectangular rock pool on Inismor in the Aran Islands. I was so captivated by this pool and the idea that nature could throw up this perfect shape that I immediately travelled to the island and swam in it.

I was pleasantly surprised to finally see in person the 'Wormhole' photograph at Dorothy Cross' current show 'Pool' (in collaboration with William McKeown) at the Kerlin gallery in Dublin. She is also showing a shrivelled shark skin, gilded inside with 21 carat gold. It's a sensational piece, you gaze in wonder at this fallen predator, newly reclaimed in gold as an object of beauty rather than terror.

The show continues until March 20.

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