Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Liffeytown 3

Monday May 24 2010

Ger Clancy has finished building the first green house. My friend Andreas and I drive over to his studio as we need to find out for sure if the house actually floats. The house looks amazing, the colour is perfect, I’m thrilled with it. After several months of writing proposals and describing these structures in the abstract it’s brilliant to see one finally finished.

We lift it onto the roof-rack of my car and drive off (slowly) to Ringsend Yacht Club. God knows what the oncoming traffic makes of our huge, green house motoring through Ringsend?

It’s possibly the nicest day of the year and a huge cruiseship has docked on the opposite bank. Ger’s girlfriend Monica and his friend Shane are there before us to help lift the house into the Liffey. We all carry the house down a ramp and place it gently on the shallow water. It floats! I can’t describe how excited we all are, especially Ger as he’s put a huge amount of effort into finishing the house over the weekend. Despite our predictions it’s completely steady, even with much prodding and throwing around it rights itself perfectly.

We all stand around in the warm water admiring the house as it moves balletically with the current, casting a beautiful green reflection on the river. Delighted with ourselves we haul it out and drive it back to the studio.

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