Friday, September 16, 2011

No Man's Land 11

The day starts with breakfast on the summit, I use up the last of my eggs and this time add sweet corn. I notice a wooden palette has washed up on my shore so I rescue it and use it as a table.

A cameraman from the Irish Times circles No Man's Land in a boat and later puts an incredible video of my project on YouTube. He interviews some tourists on the quays regarding their thoughts about my project which makes for interesting viewing.

I heat up some tomato soup for lunch and spend a lot of the day writing about my island experiences and thoughts in my sketchbook. At some stage an incredibly nice man called Dave Kelly rows by in a beautifully crafted currach. He offers to take me for a trip in his boat which I reluctantly have to decline as I'm committed to staying put on my sandy home. He's a huge lover of the Liffey and rows through town dressed as Santa every Christmas Eve.

At 4pm all the staff at 02 head office pile on to their balconies & give me a wave, this is organised through the wonder of Twitter. I really appreciate the gesture and even though I'm physically isolated I feel in no way lonely.

There's a beautiful sunset, the wind has completely disappeared and I spend hours taking in the peace of the night, eating olives, drinking gin and listening to some fantastic radio.


Paul said...

Hi fergal
The island looks amazing and I'm glad to hear my old tent stood up to katia! I'm sat in a tent in a very wet glen in Scotland raising a beer to toast your endeavour. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Diari Liffey said...

Hi Fergal, more panoramic pictures of your island and one 360 degrees from the Samuel Beckett Bridge (11.8 MB). Under the sun this time...