Monday, April 11, 2011

Hibernation Over!

I've been a bit slack over the past few months with everything, I definitely like to hibernate in the winter. After the enormity of 'Liffeytown' I needed a break from being productive and tracking down hard to source materials all over the world. Now the sun has decided to return to the northern hemisphere I am ready for new projects.

I have been commissioned to make another large scale installation that will be shown in Dublin in September. Unfortunately I'm not allowed divulge any other details until the summer but this time there will be a performance element and logistically it is far more ambitious than 'Liffeytown'.

I produced a series of limited edition prints at the time of 'Liffeytown', a photograph of the installation by day and another by night. I've been thrilled by the response to date, over half of the run have sold already meaning the majority of the prodigious production costs of 'Liffeytown' have been now covered. All future sales will help pay for my next project so please get in contact if you are interested in a purchase. Click here for more details.

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