Friday, September 3, 2010

Liffeytown 14

Panic Over!
I've been waiting over a month for the factory to re-open in Spain so I can order very specialised, difficult to source 12 volt timeclocks which will turn Liffeytown's lights on and off. I finally found out today that they can make and deliver the timeclocks by next Wednesday, September 8, which is cutting it a bit fine but I had been led to believe that it might take weeks to order them so I'm thrilled the drama is over. GreenEarth Light have also taken delivery of the LEDs from China so thankfully everything is coming together. Happy days!

On a different note, 'Liffeytown' without ever taking to the water is already dividing opinion. I came across PropertyPin, an online discussion forum where several differing perspectives on the project are vented, it makes for interesting reading!

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