Sunday, September 19, 2010

Liffeytown 21

The houses are still floating and lighting up every night. I can't describe how relieved I am that everything has gone so successfully. Andreas Pettersson took the above images on Thursday night, September 16.

On a different note I found this letter in the Irish Independent Newspaper, I'm not sure if I deserve such plaudits but it was gorgeous to read.


Friday September 17 2010
IN a country ravaged by the catastrophic consequences of the Monopoly experiment that was the Celtic Tiger and the disastrous economic crash that followed, the art installation of Monopoly houses and hotels on the Liffey as part of Dublin's Absolut Fringe Festival has to be the most humorous and one of the finest works of art/political satire to be seen in Dublin since the work of Wilde and Swift.

If only we could send those responsible straight to jail. If only the money were just fantasy money, all would be well.

But alas, the Monopoly game was real. Maybe those responsible should be made sit on the Liffey's houses and hotels without life jackets for the duration of the festival as part of a drive towards accountability.

Paul Francis Horan
Dublin 2

Irish Independent

I found this beautiful clip of the installation on youtube.

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