Sunday, September 11, 2011

No Man's Land 7

I sleep pretty soundly all night, even though it’s a little windy out it feels completely safe in my tent. Making breakfast calls for a lot of organisation. The only flat surface on which to cook is on the summit of the island and because it’s so blustery everything needs to be packed into my backpack for a single ascent otherwise untended coffee pots and chorizo end up in the Liffey.

An omelette and an espresso later and I’m ready for more island adventures. First I dig out the fishing rod and throw in the line and while I’m waiting for mackerel I read some books about the Liffey and the Docklands. Who would have known that the river supplies over one quarter of all the taps in Ireland. Nothing bites so instead I fish out a wind-up radio from the dark recesses of my tent and channel hop for a few hours. Sunday radio leaves a lot to be desired bar Aedin Gormley on Lyric.

Hundreds of people have kindly come down to the quays to watch my performance, I hope they don’t feel that I’m being ungrateful when I don’t reply to their questions and greetings. I’ve chosen to engage solely with the river and the only other forms of communication being through social media and this blog.
I’m finding the whole experience incredibly enlightening and up to this point far easier and more comfortable than I expected. It’s a huge luxury to be able to sit outdoors all day and let the weather wash over you in the midst of one of the finest landscapes in the world.
Speaking of weather, there is a terrible forecast for hurricane like conditions tonight so I have been advised by my producers to temporarily leave the island until the morning.


Sinead Dinneen said...

Hi Fergal , just got "wind" of your piece from today fm interview - LOVe the idea and read the blog ! Well done for all your obvious commitment to river art - this is not just a Dublin piece , it's a Irish piece as the concepts resonates every where : I love your tent and I want it ! Lol
Good luck on with the high winds and even with out them.
It's an endurance as well as pleasure I'm sure : I will catch up with your activities for the rest of your stay on the river
Kind regards

Sinead Dinneen

Diari Liffey said...

Panoramic picture of the island at said...

I passed the island on the way to work this morning and noticed it has turned into more of a deserted island! I hope the wind backs off and you can complete the project, best of luck! great idea! :)

máirtín said...

Hi,fergal,you may not remember me i was a student in your 2003 primary class and it great to see that you have indeed followed your dream to be an artist ,stay safe,
Míse lé meas

Estelle said...

Hey Fergal.
Came back from a week's holidays in Mauritius yesterday evening, and what a surprise this morning when opening my curtains. I'm in one of the apartments with a view right over the Liffey. I joked to my boyfriend this morning that it looked like Robinson Crusoe's island - little did I know! Obviously with the wind you've deserted but I do hope you come back. If you see someone waving from the 4th floor of an apartment, it'll be me ;) Such a shame you can't have people visit your island, I'd love to see the view you have it must be amazing! Well done to your project and keep up the good work!

Quentin said...

Hi Fergal,

Greetings from New York. This has made my day! Stay warm...

Yours, Q

Johanna GGG said...

hi fergal - fascinating project - good luck with the winds - just heard jonathan franzen talking about going to stay on a deserted island off chile and taking his robinson crusoe book! Love the pic of you on the island in the last post!

Diari Liffey said...

Hi Fergal, I could build a 360 degrees picture from the top of the island. If interested just let me know at info (@) liffey (dot) cat - no spaces, and I will give you instructions on how to take the pictures. Thanks.

John Honan said...

"Here, Mistah! Who d'ya tink ya are? Robinson Crusoe? Wha'?"

We were doing the Dublin Skyride (bike ride around the quays) when we spotted you on Sunday.

Good luck with the rest of it, and I hope the wind dies down a bit!

Anonymous said...

Turn around your tent is about to blow

Anonymous said...

Why are being elitist by not engaging with people when they try and communicate with you or acknowledging their presence?
Is your Island a further pedestal for the arts?

You comment about the physical environment and you ignore people who make a community?

gbill79 said...

Dia dhuit Fergal,Seán Billings anseo ó Gaelscoil Chluain Dolcáin.Conas atá tú ar do oileann.Tá mé ag léamh do blog gach lá tar éis mo obair bhaile!Thóg mo dhaidí pictúir duit ar do oileann. Go neirí leat agus feicfidh mé thú dé Luain. Ó Seán Billings ó do rang 5!

Fuzzy Dunlop said...

Hi I rarely walk down the quays and have stopped listening to the media and news etc over the last 2 years because of the misery, but you made me smile today! I haven't smiled like that in a long.
Thank you
Fuzzy Dunlop