Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Every Word I've Ever Loved

Pathos, Hubris, Euphonious, Juggernaut, Zealous, Aphorism, Protean, Pithy and Plutocrat are all examples of the types of word that attract me on some sensory/aesthetic level but elude me as I can never quite remember their meaning or absorb them into my vocabulary. I write down any word I like the sound of in notebooks, on the back of envelopes, on my hand and collate them in an ever expanding list on my laptop. This has been going on for over ten years and the list now runs to several hundred. I was recently asked to make a text based piece informed by this habit for a group exhibition in Dublin. Using thick, black watercolor I painted 640 of these words on to 16 sheets of paper and mounted them on a wall. The concept is about to be expanded on a much larger scale on the Liffey this September.

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