Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trip to London

On April 7 I flew to London for the day to mainly see the Chris Ofili retrospective at Tate Britain. I have loved his work for a long time, I had to see the show as I have barely seen any of his paintings in reality. I spent the rest of the day on a mad dash around the city visiting most of the major galleries including the newly opened Saatchi gallery in Chelsea. It's a beautiful space, very clean and precise, the architect did a good job. However you get the feeling that Saatchi's time has passed.

Chris Ofili

Chris Ofili

New Saatchi Gallery

20:50, a lake of used sump oil by Richard Wilson


Emily Prince at Saatchi. Pencil portraits of every US soldier killed in Afghanistan.

Emily Prince

Bharti Kher's bindi covered mirrors at Hauser & Wirth

Bharti Kher

Alice Anderson at Riflemaker, a crazy show with metres of dolls hair cascading down along the facade of the gallery.

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